Legal Declaration


Data Protection Rules

  1. When beginning to use the website, every user implicitly accepts the rules and conditions for use and data protection that are specified in the following.
  2. The information and data appearing on the website are exclusively for informational purposes, and the user employs them under their own liability, they do not have binding power in legal procedures.
  3. No services can be ordered on the website, the data and information provided here cannot be maintained as an established contract of liability either from the point of view of the party providing the data or the manager of the website. All of this applies to liability for damages caused to a third party through the use of these data as well. In terms of the content that appears on the website and the services (e.g. events) that can be accessed through links, the designer of the given site qualifies as the service provider and data manager. Thus in terms of damages in connection with this and due to their use, the Kistelek Municipal Government – due to the referential nature of the data and information – is not liable.
  4. Conditions for the use of the website:
    The user viewing the website is entitled exclusively to utilize the content of the site for private use (saving of certain parts of the website to the hard drive of the computer used by the user or printing these out). Private use is free, but the website cannot be used for the purpose of obtaining or increasing revenue either directly or indirectly. The user is not entitled to duplicate, circulate or distribute the given content, copy it by any means or store it in a database, or make any of these actions possible, or represent the content as their own or put it on the market, whether for profit or not.
  5. Copyright protection:
    The website and the technical, graphic, software and other solutions, data, text, images, information and other materials appearing on it, as well as the arrangement of these is protected under copyright law.
    In terms of the links provided through the website, the designer of the given site qualifies as the holder of the copyright.
  6. Data protection:
    Without the consent of the party utilizing the data obtained through the use of the service, the Kistelek Municipal Government can only manage these data if they cannot be directly connected with the user. The service provider observes the provisions of Act LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the publication of data in the public interest without exception when handling personal data.
  7. Liability for the service:
    The Kistelek Municipal Government shall make efforts to constantly maintain the freshness of the information on the website, but it does not take responsibility for its completeness, pertinence, possible modification or authenticity.
    The Kistelek Municipal Government does not oversee the information found on other websites available through the aid of the links found at the website, and does not take responsibility for their availability or their possible modification.
    The Kistelek Municipal Government does not guarantee that the operation of the functions found at the website will work continuously and without error. The Kistelek Municipal Government is not liable for the damages, losses or expenses that may occur in connection with the website, its use or its non-functioning, improper functioning or errors due to computer viruses, system errors or other similar problems.
  8. Legal consequences:
    In case of the violation of the provisions of the present legal declaration, the Kistelek Municipal Government with take the legal measures contained in the necessary legal regulations or in Act CVIII of 2001 without delay.
    For issues not stipulated in the present declaration, the provisions of Act CVIII of 2001 on specific issues of electronic commercial services and services related to the information society must be employed.
    The issues not stipulated on data protection provisions can be found in detail in the Kistelek Municipal Government Information Transmission Regulations at the website. The regulations were adopted by City Council resolution 233/2017. (XII.27.) of the Kistelek Municipal Government City Council.

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